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By fstimes On 4 Nov, 2013 At 03:37 PM | Categorized As Fashion Police | With 0 Comments

Lebohang Ruele   FASHION tornados, bad weather and non-cooperative fashion inmates were some of the dramatic experiences I had this past week. For some strange reason a few people were spotted wearing boots. I must admit, I got a little puzzled at the whole wear-boots-because-it’s-raining phenomenon. It is, as my friend would call it, rural. […]

By fstimes On 29 Oct, 2013 At 02:39 PM | Categorized As Fashion Police | With 0 Comments

Lebohang Ruele DID I ever tell you how much I love the City of Roses? If you didn’t know, well, now you know. The energy and the vibe in the city are absolutely exhilarating.   One would think that after the past two weeks of non-stop entertainment, things would die down, but not really. Mimosa […]