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Tension in markets is likely to intensify as the US barrels towards its debt ceiling. Here is your guide to the events likely to drive numbers. Volatility in global markets is likely to intensify this week as the United States barrels towards its self-imposed debt ceiling. If President Barack Obama’s Democrats and Congressional Republicans are unable to reach […]

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Vier Jahre Haft fuer Berlusconi wegen Steuerhinterziehung

Joji Sakurai, Rome HE’S the Great Houdini of world politics. Buffeted by scandal, convicted of corruption, abandoned by allies, Silvio Berlusconi has been written off countless times over the two decades in which he has dominated Italian politics – and each time he made a miraculous escape from the political dead. Not tales of hot […]

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Chancellor Angela Merkel has captured a landslide victory in German elections for guiding Europe’s top economy unharmed through the debt crisis. She won her third term decisively and neared an absolute majority on Sunday. Merkel’s triumphant conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) fell just a few seats short of their own majority with 41.5% of the vote, according to […]

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Mohamed Morsi supporters have rallied in Cairo against the military, as supporters and opponents of the deposed president clashed elsewhere in Egypt. The rallies on Friday came nearly a month after the August 14 crackdown by security forces on two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo that led to clashes in which hundreds of people were […]

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Government forces may have carried out the Damascus chemical attack without the personal permission of President Bashar al-Assad, says a report.Germany’s Bild am Sonntag paper reported on Sunday, citing German intelligence. Syrian brigade and division commanders had been asking the Presidential Palace to allow them to use chemical weapons for the last four-and-a-half months, according to radio […]

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Berlin GERMAN police on Thursday raided a christian sect and took away 40 children citing evidence they had been beaten and abused, media reports said. More than 100 police targeted two locations of “The Twelve Tribes” in the southern state of Bavaria, the local Augsburger Allgemeine and Spiegel Online said. The dawn raids followed “new […]

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Tokyo THOUSANDS of North Korean inmates of Camp No 22, one of Kim Jong-un’s most brutal labour camps, have disappeared according to a human rights group. There are fears that up to 20,000 may have been allowed to die of disease or starvation in the run-up to the closure of the camp at the end […]

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Pope Francis Holds His Weekly General Audience

Vatican City POPE Francis urged the Group of 20 leaders on Thursday to abandon the “futile pursuit” of a military solution in Syria as the Vatican laid out its case for a negotiated settlement that guarantees rights for all minorities, including Christians. In a letter on Thursday to the G-20 host, Russian President Vladimir Putin, […]

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Colombo A SRI LANKAN man died on Thursday after a bizarre and botched ritual to drive out what he thought were evil spirits from a house outside the capital, police said. The man sacrificed a cat and was then buried in a shallow grave after instructing onlookers to dig him out once he gave a […]

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The quake struck in China's scenic Yunnan province.

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits mountain region in south-west of country, with at least four people confirmed dead. The quake struck in China’s scenic Yunnan province. Photograph: Corbis An earthquake hit a mountainous area of south-western China on Saturday morning, killing at least four people and injuring 10 others, according to state media and the China […]