Weight loss mum wins yummy award
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A SUSSEX woman went from frumpy to yummy mummy after dramatically transforming her body for a beauty contest.

Lucy Doyle, 31, ditched junk food to drop five stone before taking to the stage in front of hundreds of people wearing just a bikini for Miss Galaxy Universe.

And judges were so impressed with her fantastic figure, they awarded her a prize in the Yummy Mummy category.

Doyle, from East Grinstead, who has two daughters Niamh, eight, and Ruby, seven, with husband Dominic, 40, had been 13 stone and size 16.

She kick-started her transformation in 2011 by replacing junk food with balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and meat and her own low-fat Jaffa cakes as a treat.

She also hit the gym three times a week, increasing to five times 16 weeks before the competition.

“I used to dread the school run because I didn’t have the confidence to chat to the other mums in the playground,” she said.

“I comfort ate chocolate croissants and homemade scones and I was even making late-night trips to the shop so I could make triple-chocolate sundaes.

“I felt I was really letting my children and myself down and that was my turning point when I realised I had to change.”

Her incredible physical transformation inspired her to take part in the Miss Galaxy Universe contest, entering herself in to the Yummy Mummy and Bikini Diva category.

“I’d never have even considered it before I lost the weight but that was the old me, the new me was proud of her body.

I wanted to show off all the hard work I’d done,” she explained.

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