Sushi King says he’s like biblical Saul
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CONTROVERSIAL businessman and popular Johannesburg socialite Kenny Kunene believes he has found a new calling in life and is dumping his flamboyant lifestyle of spending big and constantly surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful young women for politics.

Kunene, who has interests in mining and the ZAR group of nightclubs together with former prison mate and business partner Gayton Mckenzie, dismissed assertions that he had turned to politics because his businesses were struggling saying that he didn’t really need political position and would continue running his businesses.
“There is no problem being in politics and being in business — I will always do my business,” he told the Free State Times this week.

“I am now a fully fledged member of the EFF and I will be part of making sure that this movement continues to exist and I am happy that I came at an early stage.”
The EFF or Economic Freedom Fighters is a rather amorphous political grouping fronted by Julius Malema that says it will form a political party on August 17 to contest the 2014 general elections.
Popularly known as the “Sushi King” because of his odd penchant to eat his favourite delicacy off the bodies of half-naked women, Kunene says he has noted with sadness that many people in South Africa have remained poor because they have no access to key resources.

He said he had decided to join the Malema outfit because he shared the former ANC Youth League leader’s vision to redistribute land and mineral resources to the black majority still without a stake in the country’s lucrative mining and farming industries.
“I decided to join this party because of its vision,” Kunene said.

“Comrades Julius Malema and Floyd Shivambu have been raising these issues of nationalisation and land redistribution within the ANC.
“They were following the proper structures . . . but they were not listened to.
“We are saying let us take the Freedom Charter forward and make sure that our people benefit.”
Kunene likened himself to the biblical Saul who was renamed Paul after his conversion to Christianity. “I am like Paul, who used to be Saul, but saw the light on his way to Damascus,” he said.

“The life of sushi and my army of women I put behind me . . . I see this as a challenge and blessing that God has given me to have so many followers to make sure I contribute to the development of young people,” Kunene said in a recent tweet.
The businessman was part of the EFF leaders who attended a church service in Botshabelo on Sunday.

The ANC is implementing reforms to give more land to blacks while it has said it will step up efforts to ensure greater participation by blacks in mining and the economy art large.

But the ruling party has resisted pressure to pursue more radical redistributive policies that it fears could derail the economy in the same way neighbouring Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe damaged his country’s economy through his drastic and often violent land and economic reforms.

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